Credit Repair for Real Estate

Altus Credit Repair is part of a team of real estate professionals with one goal – put you into a home! We analyze your credit report, make a plan, advise you to the fastest credit repair process, and repair your credit quickly.  You may not have to pay for your credit repair!

Altus Credit Repair Program Overview


Because Altus Credit Repair is agreeing to FREE CREDIT REPAIR to allow you to purchase a home, there are certain criteria that must be met to qualify for the program.

  • Signed buyers contract with an approved real estate agent
  • Income must sufficient to purchase desired home
  • Deb-to-Income must be sufficient
  • Must have or willing to obtain at least 4 current credit accounts.

Analyze Credit

Altus Credit Repair and your loan officer review your current credit report to verify that you can purchase a home quickly with credit restoration.

Make a Plan

We make a credit repair plan that can have the best chance of you restoring and building your credit so that in a 120 day time frame you can obtain a mortgage to purchase your new home.

Begin Work

Altus Credit Repair begins work by contacting each of your creditors to look for violations of law and procedure that would place you in a better position to resolve your credit issues. We may even enlist the help of a Consumer Credit Attorney

Are you ready to buy your home?

Enroll Now


Can anyone enroll in this great program?

No. To enroll, in this program you must meet criteria that allows you to own a home soon. We are going to look at your down payment funds, your current debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, current creditors, and current job / income status. If all these match the program criteria then you can be enrolled. Your loan officer will go over this criteria with you

What if I do not qualify for free credit repair with Altus?

We can refer you to Xpert Credit Repair – They only charge for results.

How do I get my credit repair for free?

We have a list of approved realtors and loan officers you purchase your home with them. Altus Credit Repair agrees to only work with approved realtors or loan officers.

What will it cost me to enter the program?

There are no fees paid to Altus Credit Repair. You should expect to pay $39.99 per month per person for the approved credit monitoring program. We will work on your file only as long as the approved credit monitoring is maintained.

What if I do not have a mortgage loan officer or an approved real estate agent?

We can help find you one.

If I do not close on my home do I still owe Altus Credit Repair the credit repair fee?

No. You do not owe us money if you do not close on your home.